Spacebase DF-9 Wiki


  • Citizens can eat food to satiate their hunger. Food can come from Food Replicators, crops in Garden Zones, or Cooked Meals.
  • Citizens become hungry and starve to death if they go too long without eating.
  • Food Replicators can be built in any zone, and consume a small amount of Matter when used.
  • Citizens assigned to Botanist duty will plant seeds in Hydroponic Cultures, tend the crops that grow, harvest the crops and carry them to Refrigerators in Pub Zones. Botanist skill determines efficacy of upkeep and crop yield.
  • Bartenders will take raw food from a Refrigerator and use a Stove to prepare a Cooked Meal, then serve it to customers waiting at tables.
  • Diner satisfaction is based on their affinity for the dish and the skill of the cook.
  • Killbots will now appear in derelicts and boarding ships. Killbots show no mercy.
  • Tooltips now show health and morale, with color-coded icons.
  • The Stats tab of the inspector now shows a citizen’s Inventory and any objects that are in a container.
  • Many small fixes and improvements to Demolish tool. It should now be possible (if a bit time-consuming) to fully deconstruct a derelict.
  • When Matter is expended or gained, the HUD counter value and color change over time.
  • Citizens remove their Duty-specific gear when they’re not on duty.
  • Objects can now be marked for demolition via a button in the inspector.
  • Redesigned Duty tab of citizen inspector. Display now shows their star rating for each duty instead of a number.
  • Word bubbles that appear when citizens chat now properly reflects the conversation flow.
  • New icons for zones and inspector stats tab.
  • Broken objects now spark to indicate the fire risk they pose.
  • Bartenders now stand behind their bar while they serve drinks. Citizens walk up to the bar to order a drink.
  • Citizens post to Spaceface about drinking. Randomly generated drink examples: Smashy Gargle Blaster, Red Scumm, Sticky Frobnabulator.
  • Balance: Duty failure logic changed. Technicians cause fires far less frequently.
  • Balance: Duty experience gain rate is now more balanced across the different duties. Citizens who spend time doing something should gain experience and become better at a reasonable rate.
  • Balance: Bed condition no longer degrades. Don’t worry, we’ll figure out other, more legitimate ways to make beds catch fire in a future update.
  • Balance: Citizen morale is more stable. Fewer things cause it to dip up and down drastically, though lots of citizens dying still makes people (understandably) bummed.
  • Balance: New derelicts won’t show up if you haven’t been exploring the ones already out there.
  • Balance: Citizens won’t post as much on Spaceface about unmet needs; they’ll only post about their most pressing need.
  • Fixed: Various bugs relating to citizens/raiders/monsters fighting in vacuum.
  • Fixed: Different portraits now appear in the docking/immigration request dialog.
  • Fixed: Spaceface display didn’t show most recent update.
  • Fixed: The user is not reimbursed when they lose planned objects during a re-zoning.
  • Fixed: < and > no longer let you select enemy / hidden characters.