Spacebase DF-9 Wiki


  • Technicians now prioritize objects with lower condition.
  • Post-processing is now enabled by default on Linux. (Fixes this bug)
  • It’s no longer possible to set a beacon for a number of Security duty citizens greater than the number you currently have.
  • Corpses disappear after 10 minutes of real world time instead of 1 week.
  • New options in Audio/Video settings menu:
    • Use OS Mouse Cursor: Use your operating system’s hardware-accelerated mouse cursor, in case you experience cursor lag.
    • Enable Post Effects: Enable screen post-processing effects for improved visuals.
    • Fullscreen: Run the game full-screen.
  • Fixed: Duty counts should only reflect characters who are citizens of your base.
  • Fixed: Broken refineries can still be used to convert asteroids into matter.
  • Fixed: Wrong graphic displays for broken Airlock Lockers.
  • Fixed: Time control hotkeys can trigger unsupported 0.5 game speed.
  • Fixed: Small seams between wall and floor tile art.