Spacebase DF-9 Wiki
Version Introduced Alpha 2
Primary Zone Pub
Roles Serving Food and Drinks
Trade Objects Bar, Refrigerator, Stove, Standing Table
Early Game Priority Low
Late Game Priority Moderate

Sometimes your people need to relax and blow off some steam. To do this, make a pub, complete with a bar and a bartender, and watch your people go drunk. They help keep morale up, and consequently, accidents down.

The quality of meals produced by bartenders depends on their skill, psych profile, and morale. If left unchecked, unhappy bartenders may end up wrecking the morale of your entire base α2. The best bartenders are Chatty and Gregarious (aka: sociable) as they will love their job the most. It is possible that being Gourmands may help with the quality of your food, but this has yet to be verified.