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The builder is the first role you'll want to assign to a character, as these are the characters that perform all construction tasks, such as building new rooms or furniture.
{{Role|VersionInt=Alpha 1|Image=[[File:Builders.png|frameless|upright=2.0]]|Roles=Construction, Demolition|Objects=All|Early=Highest|Late=Low}}
The builder is the first character [[role]] that should be assigned, as these are the characters that perform all construction tasks, such as building new rooms or furniture.
WARNING: Current issue? (Alpha 1b)
==Known Issues==
Builders sometimes have an annoying habit of staying outside until they have only 1-minute of air, then they will return to an airlock to replenish their suit's oxygen supply. THIS IS NOT long enough! Usually the builders will die inside the airlock just as it closes. Make sure you build in stages and do not assign one large task in order to avoid this.
Builders who are constructing an enclosed room will often complete the construction only to find themselves imprisoned within the room. If the room is oxygenated or you are [[Tear Down|building on to a preexisting room]], you may forget to remove the dividing wall between the two sections. If this occurs, your Builder will remain trapped in the room, suffering in silence, until they ultimately starve to death.
Builders have also been seen demolishing exterior walls without wearing a space-suit, commiting themselves to a rapid and fatal space exploration mission. It is recommended that if at all possible you vent oxygen from a demolition site to ensure the builders are wearing their space suits.

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