Spacebase DF-9 Wiki

Building is a core component of Spacebase DF-9. Building consists of constructing rooms and placing objects.


The first thing to do with a new base is assign someone to be a Builder under the Character Roles tab of your menu.
Builders construct the 'blueprints' and objects (Such as a bed or door) you place down, while their skill level determines how fast they will do it. For instance, 1-star builders will be the slower than those with 4-star builders.

Base Rooms[]

The basic rooms you will need in order to have a starbase capable of supporting life are:

  • Airlock for entering and leaving the base safely (To avoid flushing everyone out into space).
  • Life Support to fill your base with oxygen (Without it they will perish in 8 minutes from asphyxiation).


The next phase of building a new base, after the starting Matter reserves begin to run low, is to build a Refinery and in that place a Matter Refinery, then set some citizens to the Miner role. When you mark asteroids to be mined, your miners will go to them, mine a chunk of rock, and bring it back to base to be refined. This gives you more matter to build with.

Morale Rooms[]

Once you have the Matter necessary, and when time allows for additional construction, the Residence and Pub rooms should be built. Residence rooms allow you to build beds for your citizens to sleep on (a large boost for Morale), while a pub requires a Bartender and a Bar in order to function. These will make sure your citizens are happy and healthy, inspiring them to work harder at their jobs and gain experience faster. Note that additional room categories can also be built, and each serves its own function.


  • Do not overwork your Builders by constantly designating new construction. Your workers are people too, and they need time to rest and relax. If you assign work too often, they will eventually shirk new assignments in favor of playing games or sleeping.
  • Morale is an essential component of a healthy space station. You will not survive Raider attacks without high Morale.