Spacebase DF-9 Wiki

A citizen serving drinks as a Bartender.

Citizens are the lifeblood of any space station. They require Food and Oxygen to survive.


  • Humans
  • Space Chickens
  • Weird squid guys with flat heads and bug eyes
  • Goggle-wearing green elephants with no ears
  • Hairless raccoon things
  • Fat fish guys with a thing growing out the top of their head
  • Space cats
  • Game developers


Citizens work most efficiently, work more often, and walk faster when their morale is high. Morale ranges from "Deeply Sad" to "Ecstatic".

Morale is lost due to events such as: the deaths of others (particularly friends), a failure to fulfill personal needs, and disagreements with other citizens. Citizens with low morale will be seen slouching as they go about their day.

Morale is gained due to events such as: positive conversations, cooked meals, and cosmetic objects.


Needs include:

  • Hunger - satisfied by eating at the Pub or Food Replicator
  • Energy - satisfied by sleeping, especially in a Space Bed
  • Social - satisfied by talking to people, especially friends
  • Fun - satisfied by playing handheld games
  • Duty - satisfied by performing their role that you have assigned, especially if it is a role they are happy doing
  • Morale - satisfied by cosmetic objects, positive conversations, and the general state of things at the station
  • Stuff - satisfied by having Shelves to place their objects on


These can be seen from the Stats screen.

Each citizen has a couple of different traits such as Bravery, Neatness, Chattyness, and Gregariousness.

They also each have a favorite food and a favorite band.