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Builders construct orders that have been queued.

Everything you need to build stuff will be under the Construct menu. Below is information regarding each command.

Rooms[edit | edit source]

To create a room, select the Room icon and then drag your cursor over the area you wish to define. This creates walls and floor.

Once you have built a room, you should choose the appropriate zone. This is done by clicking inside the finished room in inspect mode, and picking the appropriate room zone.

Wall[edit | edit source]

The wall builder can be used to repair broken walls and to independantly build internal and external walls.

Floor[edit | edit source]

The floor builder can be used to independently build floors. Be aware that floors without walls will not be able to retain an air supply.

Object[edit | edit source]

Objects can be constructed in appropriately zoned rooms. You can rotate objects by clicking the rotate icon in the bottom centre of the screen.

Demolish[edit | edit source]

Used to destroy wall, floor, and objects in an area.

Erase[edit | edit source]

Used to clear blueprints for objects and rooms that haven't been constructed yet. The cost of the rooms and objects is refunded.

Known Issues[edit | edit source]

  • Players cannot zone a room that hasn’t been built yet, and place objects in it. At some point, the developers would like to improve the UI around this so that it’s possible to design a complete room using the Construct tool as a kind of “blueprint mode”.