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Defense is one of the chief concerns of the Administrator of Spacebase DF-9 when constructing the space station. All manner of things seek to destroy the space station, from organic enemies to the simple hazards of being in space.

This article is designed to offer advice for constructing a base with defense in mind.

The Big One[]

Main article: The Big One

After a certain period of time passes, and when the space station is well developed, the Administrator will be contacted by the Pirate Megafleet and informed that they will attack. This is by far the biggest hazard that the fledgling space station will face, and unless a space station is thoughtfully constructed and the citizens have high Morale, the station will be destroyed.

Other Hazards[]


  1. Construct a defensible airlock.
    1. Build a rectangular airlock with the doors on the short sides. Put the Suit Locker close to the exterior door (remember, you only need one per airlock), which will force boarding Raiders to stop near the exterior door. Place a Wall-Mounted Turret so that its cone of vision intersects with the suit locker, and be sure to place it outside of melee range of the locker. Any hostile attempting to remove his or her spacesuit at the suit locker will be immediately gunned down.
    2. Do this for all airlocks, or only build one airlock. Remember, you control access to your base at all times.
    3. Connect the airlock to an unzoned hallway that can be retrofitted into an emergency airlock room in the event of a breach of the airlock. Sometimes, Raiders will destroy a section of wall or floor in the airlock, rendering it inoperative. Convert to the emergency airlock to repair the damage, or wait for new occupants to arrive outside the station.
  2. Build outer turrets.
    1. Construct enough turrets facing out around the station's exterior so that any Raider Breach Ship moving in to attack will be shot down before it has a chance to breach the hull. Raider Breach Ships can be devastating if allowed to breach the hull, as they will send Raiders past your defenses.
  3. Beef up Security.
    1. Assign at least two security officers with at least two stars each. Let them patrol and increase their skill.
    2. When exploring a derelict ship, set force to Necessary or Lethal. (See: Security Beacon)
    3. When responding to Raider attacks, set force to Necessary or Lethal.