Spacebase DF-9 Wiki

An unexplored derelict.

A derelict has appeared. -In-game update

Derelicts are abandoned craft which occasionally appear near your base, and have their contents obscured until explored via a Security Beacon.

Derelicts come in a number of pre-set layouts. At least two additional layouts have no airlocks and only appear docked to your base as Raider ships.

Derelicts will drift away if not used, and can be demolished for scrap matter.

Possible Contents[]

Any combination of the following:

• Nothing

• 1 to 3 Hostile Raiders

• 1 to 3 Citizens, who will immediately join your base

• 1 to 3 Killbots

• 1 Monster (identical in appearance to a parasite, possibly stronger)


  • To prevent citizens from boarding an explored derelict, you can dezone the airlock and lock down the rooms.
  • It is possible to demolish derelicts without exploring them first. This, however, risks any friendlies who may be inside.
  • You can add a derelict to your base by claiming the rooms.