Spacebase DF-9 Wiki
Fusion Reactor
Fusion Reactor.jpg
Version Introduced Alpha 1
Required Zone Reactor
Power Output 1000 PUs
Size 2x2
Footprint 6x6
Cost 200 Matter
Demolish 150 Matter
Smooshes[sic] hydrogen atoms together to create energy. Not unlike the sun. - In-game description

The fusion reactor is an object that produces Power. It is the first reactor that can be built.


  • Reactors are essential to keeping your base up and running. If not enough power is supplied to your base, the lights will flicker, objects that require power will not work, and your Oxygen Recyclers will be in danger of failing. Assign Technicians to maintain them, and do not allow them to be destroyed by Raiders. It is advisable to place a turret in Reactor rooms to defend them.