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Template for Object Page[edit source]

Click here for a template Object page. Please follow this format when creating and editing object pages.

Page Naming[edit source]

When articles/pages are often pluralised, try to refer to the page with the singular version. E.g., [[Parasite]] not [[Parasites]].

Wikis have an inbuilt feature to pluralise links by adding "s" after the link, e.g. [[Parasite]]s becomes Parasites, but still takes you to the Parasite page.

This will keep redirects to a minimum, and decrease the time you need to make links, because of plural mistaking. Commonly misquoted pages or commonly searched for pages of plurals can be redirected to the correct page using the #REDIRECT command; e.g., Parasites contains:

#REDIRECT [[Parasite]]

Please capitalize all words in a page's title, e.g. [[Raider Breach Ship]] instead of [[Raider breach ship]]. Pages that link to the lowercase forms should redirect to the capitalized form.

Headers[edit source]

All level one headers, e.g. =Header One=, should have all words capitalized. Headers that are level two and beyond (for instance, ==Header two== delineates a level two header) should have at least the first word capitalized.

Version Format[edit source]

Try to keep articles updates between release versions clear and concise. It's worth leaving a tag at the end of an edited/added line/paragraph to show the version with which you updated the page. Use the format below:


This usually looks best when added after the full stop like this. α1c
Rather than like this α1c.

It's worth linking the update to the change-log, especially if the information was altered/changed because of that patch. α1c


Updated (Version) Template[edit source]

At the top of your page edits use the Template:Updated so we can easily see when pages haven't been updated in a while. The correct usage is:


In x.y where x is the alpha version, and y is the hotfix version. Example shows updated for version Alpha 2 Hotfix 1.