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Hydroponics Culture
Hydroponics Culture.jpg
Version Introduced Alpha 2
Required Zone Garden
Size 1x1
Footprint 3x3
Cost 150 Matter
Demolish Unknown Matter

Used to grow crops for citizen consumption.


You must use a Refrigerator to store the crops before being cooked on a Pub's Stove.

If no pub or refrigerator is available to store food, or no Bartender is on duty to serve cooked Food, then citizens are able to eat meals directly off of full grown-plants. This costs no matter and is slightly more nutritious than replicator food, but is still less effective than cooked meals in terms of Morale.

Hydroponics Cultures grow more slowly if their health is low. Don't build more than your Botanists can keep up with.

A random crop is chosen when the Hydroponics Culture is first built, either Metacorn, Glowfruit, or Icky Pods. In order to get a different crop you will need to demolish and then rebuild the culture.

Ingame Description[]

Botanists grow crops here, which is then harvested to feed people in Pubs.