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Matter Refinery
Matter Refinery.png
Version Introduced Alpha 1
Required Zone Refinery
Size 2x2
Footprint 4x4
Cost 200 Matter
Demolish 150 Matter

A Matter Refinery purifies matter to be used for construction of new Objects, Rooms and Food Dispensers.
Matter Refineries take in Asteroid Matter as well as deceased bodies of Citizens and Raiders to convert into Matter for spending.

Matter Refineries can be found under the Construct -> Objects -> Refinery menu and requires a Refinery room to be constructed for usage.

Matter Refinery Version Matter Unit Cost
Mark I 200
Mark II 400


  • The matter refinery does not need oxygen in order to function and will not catch fire if built out in space. This technique may increase the risk of miner asphyxiation, however.
  • Multiple refineries increase the amount of matter you can have stored, and allow your miners to have multiple locations to drop off their matter.
  • You can acquire matter without a Matter Refinery by demolishing existing structures or derelicts.

Ingame Description[]

Converts asteroids into usable matter.