Spacebase DF-9 Wiki


Mining is the primary source of producing Matter, the main currency within the Spacebase DF9 universe. To gain Matter from mining, you need a Matter Refinery. This is where asteroid chunks are converted into matter.
To mine an asteroid:

  • Press the M key to select the Mine tool.
  • Use the tool to highlight a section of an asteroid which you want your Miner to mine.
  • You must have at least one citizen in the Miner role to carry out the work order. This can be done within the Job Rostermenu.
  • The asteroid will turn red, click on CONFIRM to continue.


  • Mining is usually the second thing to do after making Airlock and Life Support rooms. Both of these rooms, in addition to the Refinery, are required for successful mining.
  • Miners can sometimes asphyxiate if they try to travel between asteroids which are too far apart. To alleviate this, only select small groups of nearby asteroids for mining at a time.
  • Should you be victim to a Raider attack, miners that are far away from the station will be unlikely to survive. You should try to mine asteroids that are close to the station first until your base has adequate defences.