Spacebase DF-9 Wiki

Objects are constructed by Builders. They need to be placed in the appropriate rooms. All cosmetic items DO give a positive morale impact! Especially Monitors. Some will have additional properties in the future.

All Zones

Icon Object Cost
Door 12
Airlock Door 15
Heavy Door 20
Food Replicator 50
Fire Extinguisher icon.png Emergency Alarm 50
Monitor icon.png Monitor 75
Ordinary Plant icon.png Ordinary Plant 150
Fire Extinguisher icon.png Fire Extinguisher 50
Wall-Mounted Turret 300


Icon Object Cost
Spacesuit Locker icon.png Spacesuit Locker 50


Object Cost
Fusion Reactor 200


Object Cost
Hydroponics Culture 150

Life Support

Icon Object Cost
Oxygen Recycler icon.png Oxygen Recycler 150
Oxygen Recycler icon.png Modified Oxygen Recycler 150


Icon Object Cost
Neon Fries Sign icon.png Neon Fries Sign 75
Stove 250
Neon Burger Sign icon.png Neon Burger Sign 225
Refrigerator 250
Refrigerator v2.0 250
Bar icon.png Bar 250
Neon Pizza Sign icon.png Neon Pizza Sign 150
Standing Table 100


Icon Object Cost
Matter Refinery icon.png Matter Refinery 200
Matter Refinery icon.png Gamma Class Matter Refinery 400


Icon Object Cost
Space Bed icon.png Space Bed 150
Space Dresser icon.png Space Dresser 125
Space Rug icon.png Space Rug 50


Icon Object Cost
Weight Bench 100


Icon Object Cost
Research Console 300


Icon Object Cost
RevivaBed 400


Icon Object Cost
Base Seed Pod N/A
Wall 6
floor 8