Spacebase DF-9 Wiki
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Version Introduced Alpha 1
Minimum Useful Size 3x4

The pub is where your citizens go to relax, eat and drink after a busy day of work. Yo ho ho and a bottle of space rum!


A pub requires at least a Bar and a citizen assigned to be a Bartender.
Neon Signs as with all decorative objects, gives a morale boost to citizens.

Cooked Food[]

To serve cooked food to citizens, you required a Bartender, a Refrigerator, a Stove, some raw crops from a Garden and a Standing Table.

  1. A Botanist will plant, maintain and harvest crops on a Hydroponics Culture in a Garden.
  2. The Botanist will store harvested crops in the Pub's Refrigerator.
  3. When a citizen enters the Pub for a meal, the Bartender will use the crops in the Refrigerator to cook a meal on a Stove.
  4. The Bartender will then deliver the meal to the citizen at a Standing Table, who gains morale if the food is their favourite.

Known Bugs[]

  • Bartenders in the Pub who are off duty and waiting for a meal or a drink, count as being active, resulting in multiple citizens queuing for food/drinks and becoming stuck in that action.
To solve this, assign a Bartender who is not currently stuck in the Pub, and they will serve the original Bartender, releasing them.
Alternatively, you can activate an Emergency Alarm in the pub. This will override all other AI actions and cause them to flee. Once the pub is cleared out, cancel the alarm. When the file back in, the bartender will hopefully start doing his job. If he gets stuck again, repeat the process.

Planned Features[]

This is a Planned Feature, aka not in the game yet and not guarenteed to happen.

Drunk citizens will start fights and cause accidental damage to machinery.