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Research is a new feature added in Alpha 4.0, and requires Researchers working in the Research Lab Zone. Many research topics require Research Datacubes before the relevant technology can be researched. These can be found on derelicts and boarding ships.

Current research projects are:

Name Cost Effect Prerequisites
Body Armor 1000 Equips all Security with Body Armor, increasing their resistance to damage None
Gamma Class Matter Refinery 1200 Unlocks an upgraded Refinery, which is more efficient None
Green Digi-Thumb 1000 Better efficiency for Botanists None
Sonic Boltdriver 1000 Faster construction speed for Builders None
Modified Oxygen Recycler 1000 Unlocks an upgraded Oxygen Recycler, which has twice the output None
Heavy Door 1000 Unlocks an upgraded Door, which is more resilient to phazer blasts None
Phazer Rifle 1200 Equips all Security with Phazer Rifles, increasing their damage None
Marauder Armor 3000 Equips all Security with Marauder Armor, Greatly increasing their resistance to damage Marauder Armor Datacube, Body Armor Research
Antiviral Air scrubber 750 Reduces likelihood of disease transmission over an area None
Widebeam Vaporization Ray 1200 Equips all builders with a much more powerful vaporization tool None
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Developer post demonstrating the visual effect of armor and weapon upgrades