Spacebase DF-9 Wiki

A Raider incapacitated under a Security Beacon.

The Security Beacon is a tool available to the Administrator that allows delegation of Security officers to specific tasks, such as subduing a rampaging citizen, eliminating Raiders, or investigating a derelict or docked ship.

When an object is selected with the beacon, the user can click multiple times to assign more security officers, up to and including the last available officer.

The user can also set a force level:

  • Non-lethal: Do not use firearms on the target. Security personnel will fight with their hands, putting their lives at more risk than if they used firearms. This will often end with the target being incapacitated.
  • Necessary: If the target shoots, shoot back.
  • Lethal: Kill the target.

Once the target is subdued, the beacon can be removed by selecting Clear Beacon in the Security menu. When cleared, security officers will resume their normal duty (i.e. patrolling).