Spacebase DF-9 Wiki


Survive the Pirate Megafleet's final assault.

Overview and Walkthrough[]

After a few hours of station-building gameplay have elapsed, and your station has become considerably well developed, you will attract the attention of the Pirate Megafleet, who will then hail you.

Whether you accept or decline the hail, the invasion will begin. If your base is not well prepared, the results of the attack can be devastating. This is the single biggest risk of defeat you will run into in Spacebase DF-9.

If you survive the attack with at least one citizen alive, you will earn the goal "The Big One".


  • As soon as the attack begins, understand that your station is in a fight for its life.
  • Build turrets on the exterior walls of your base to destroy Raider breach ships before they have a chance to board your vessel.
  • Assign as many Security officers as you can, and when using the Security beacon, authorize lethal force. Anything less will result in the death of your citizens.
  • Build your airlocks with defense in mind: Make them hallways that are monitored by turrets and have the suit locker directly adjacent to the door. In this manner, you will kill any Raider who attempts to board your base, as they must first stop at the suit locker and then run a gauntlet of turrets before being allowed access to your base.
  • Even if you win, your citizens' morale may be so low that they are unwilling to work to repair the base. Try to save as many lives as you can, and remember to keep your remaining citizens healthy. Assign Doctors to dispose of bodies, and Technicians to repair the damage. Use Builders to rebuild Walls that have been destroyed, but do your best to keep a Bartender and Botanist so the Pub can stay up and running.