Spacebase DF-9 Wiki

Update 1.06 - Released 2014/11/13

- Modding support added for Mac and Linux
- Game uses a launch script now instead of running the binary directly, likely to fix some bug
- All flavor texts have been mutilated to replace trademark symbols with question marks by accident (see the description text for a plant, for example) smile
- it’s now possible to set config options to disable hostiles, docking, meteor events
- characters are immediately killed if they spawn or move outside the world bounds for some reason (dunno which bug this fixes)
- no longer targeting for attacks if in the brig
- monsters and killbots are now excluded from doctor’s scan+heal action
- oxygen recycler decay reduced by 16%
- level 2 oxygen recycler matter cost increased from 150 to 250
- level 2 oxygen recycler description fixed to correctly state it’s 4x more effective (description used to be wrong, said 2x better only)
- level 2 fridge capacity increased from 15 to 50
- some bug relating to fridge clearing timers fixed
- some bug relating to immigrant docking fixed
- some bug relating to room contiguity for power distribution seems to have been fixed too
- characters in elevated spacewalk will no longer float away from the world
- serving food will now satisfy social and amusement needs in addition to duty need
- supermaintainers are 3x more effective